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Susan O’Hanlon


I am a full-time Studio Potter in Downingtown, PA, and my mission is to create work that will make your everyday moments beautiful. Traditionally a maker of wheel-thrown functional pottery, I have fired my work in wood, salt, soda, oxidation, alternative and raku kilns.

My current work is heavily influenced by nature, and includes functional ware, home décor items, ceramic beads and wire wrapped jewelry inspired by the natural world and constructed from colored porcelain using ancient nerikomi and neriagi techniques. The complex processes involved in building colored clay patterns and designing pattern blocks sparks my creativity and challenges my technical aptitude with clay. I am embracing this phase of my journey in clay with my typical passion, joy and creative abandon – and loving every minute of it!

To me, clay is magical! The essence of a piece of ceramic art simultaneously envelops the energy of the earth, the maker and the many potters who have come before. In creating with clay, I cultivate my connection to all of these energetic forces. My newest work in colored porcelain has helped to deepen that energetic connection by drawing inspiration from nature.

I hope you’ll share in my creative journey by subscribing to my website blog and YouTube channel, and by following me on social media @SusanOHanlonPottery.

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