Adrian Martinez


I lecture, teach and make stuff, but first and foremost I paint pictures. As a child, I was intrigued by the work of da Vinci and later on by the power of Picasso and eventually by the unique American genius of Jackson Pollack. It became very clear to me that the more technically skillful an artist becomes, the more liberated they were to see the world – wide, wild, in high def and technicolor.
I can be abstract, but I’m mostly realistic or some jazzy place in between. Presenting my work to the public at an art banquet like Open Studio 2020 presents a particular challenge, to me as well as the art inclined visitors. Can you, would you, should you live in the moment, lower your blood pressure and risk an art attack? There is one thing I've learned over the years, if it is art, it is also a compelling fusion of head and heart and definitely worth a look. This year the wonderful painter Gwenn Knapp and I will be here at my Victorian pile in Downingtown. Come on by, art will happen!

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