Susan O'Hanlon


I am a full-time Studio Potter living, working and teaching in Downingtown, PA. I’m elbow deep in love with all things clay, and I make functional and decorative pots purposefully designed and exquisitely handcrafted to artistically blend form, function and aesthetics. My diverse work is enhanced through a variety of altering, surface decoration, glazing and firing techniques. The wheel is my happy place, so most of my work begins there and goes on to be fired in soda, oxidation, alternative or raku kilns. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with organic, hand built forms and with making my own beads and jewelry. I’m also the creator of the original Bandit Bowl slow feeder pet bowl for dogs and cats.  I love the seemingly limitless possibilities clay offers an artist for exploration and self-expression. I enjoy answering questions and sharing what I’ve learned through my journey in clay on the tour. For more in-depth learning, enroll a workshop or class offered from my home studio and at the Wayne Art Center.  Subscribe to my website blog and follow me on social media @SusanOHanlonPottery to see my constantly evolving line of work as I play in mud with endless curiosity and joyful abandon. See you on the tour!

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