Rachel Romano


I am a modernist/storyteller figure painter. My paintings and drawings are expressed in a more traditional style, but their meanings are contemporary. You must look deep into them, and yourself to decode them. My artwork is usually focused around the feminine, and our roles and choices in society. As an artist it is important for me to connect to my deeper self, and to other peoples’ experiences in the world. I have a need to explore injustice, and the prejudices we put upon each other. How we find strength through adversity. The power to be “ok” with who we are. Many of my paintings have a political/religious . It’s not that I am against either, but rather express how I feel, and question the WHY, the WHAT, and the HOW one sees, feels, and hopefully changes.  As humans, we cannot seem to outgrow old patterns. I want to inspire thought, the idea we can change, that we must change, or all is lost. Often my collectors will want me to explain the imagery, and the stories behind them. On occasion I will explain their meaning , but I would rather the viewer think on what it symbolizes to them, how it touches them...I give the language and the viewers give the narrative. I do believe that in some way we carry experiences of millennia through our DNA; and that I have been given the gift to express those experiences. Ultimately, I hope when people view my paintings, they are taken "somewhere else", and may consider unspoken possibilities, question his or her own ideology, and their personal myths, and their place in humanity. My work is represented by galleries in North Carolina and France, and collected throughout the United States, and internationally, in The Emirates, England, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, and France.

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