Justin Smith


Justin Smith is a West Chester, PA, native, who has been working with glass for more than 19 years. His interest for glass began years before his first apprenticeship in Philadelphia, as he researched and read many books on the ancient art. Justin brings to lampworking a natural enthusiasm for creating his original color palette, science, form, and function. Smith’s success-driven attitude does not compromise his creativity, as he is always ready to capture the moment and create something new and innovative. His inspiration is derived from nature; each piece is an unique work of art. Justin has followed his dream and successfully opened a fine art gallery - Ivystone Studio, located in Downingtown. The renovated 200-year-old bank barn is Justin’s artistic envision with its organic design featuring spinning walls, original architectural elements, and large open spaces with lots of flow and movement. Ivystone features contemporary artists working in glass, sculpture, painting, jewelry, crafts and mixed media.

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