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Christine Kerrick

Mixed Media

Every person is important, created for a purpose in this life. Everyone has gifts, talents, a story. That mixture of the innate and experiential—good and bad experiences—makes a unique, special and beautiful person.

I illustrate the inherent value of every person through the beauty of creation, especially of the human face and form. I use cast-off treasures like paper scraps, bits of jewelry, gemstones, typography, stamps, handwriting, parts of old photos and other embellishments, with highly-rendered main subjects to make a new creation which emphasizes the hope of redemption and new life from discarded things. The result is a one-of-a-kind painting.

As with people, there are many layers of detail, and stories that whisper through the surface. With the current clashes of hatred and violence between people in this world, if I can show the value and treasured identity of human beings and what we were created to be, maybe I can encourage people to think about their neighbor differently, and with love and hope.

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