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Nancy Fuhrman


The work that will be shown during this Studio Tour was inspired by a blizzard that caught everyone off guard. As I sat in snarled traffic in the historic section of Downingtown, PA, I made use of my time traveling nowhere by sketching gorgeous buildings, visible through the snow and sleet, to my right and left. Nearly all the Downingtown paintings, from churches, banks and homes, are snow scenes painted using oil paint and cold wax medium. From that experience, I started a series of Coatesville historic building paintings. The Lukens building, Graystone Mansion, churches and private homes are among the painted images. I became intrigued by the splendor of these magnificent buildings. West Chester was the next stop with paintings of buildings on High, Market, Miner, Church Street and more.
I am both a printmaker (etchings) and painter and will have both mediums on display.

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