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Gwenn Knapp


As an artist whose work is grounded in realism, I am moved by the people, places, and things I choose to paint. Whether it’s a portrait, a landscape or a still-life, my passion for the subject is what inspires and informs my work. It feels like magic to coax color, light and form into an image that conveys a sense of space, dimension and texture. And, inescapably, that image always contains something of myself, as well.
I find that the creative process—from vision and initial planning to final product—involves deeply engaged problem-solving and constant decision-making. Every subject presents challenges that are both different from and similar to what I’ve encountered before. And, although my approach is academic and intellectual, my involvement is emotional.
My goal is to create paintings that are accessible, cohesive and harmonious, with a cooperative relationship among the various elements. The result is a body of work that aspires to draw the viewer in to see a wide range of subjects with fresh eyes.

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