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John Pompeo


Becoming a professional artist has been the joyful culmination of a lifelong search for peace and spiritual fulfillment. The meandering river that has been my professional trajectory has taken me from biochemist…to being signed to an indie-label with my band … to owning a decorative painting business…and finally to fine art.

The subjects I am inspired to paint have one thing in common…a sense of serenity. As a result, most of my paintings are impressions of the natural world. My goal is to reflect the emotional response I have to a subject, and evoke a similar feeling of peace within the viewer. In this small way I feel that my contribution to the world is helping people slow down and re-connect with the poetic beauty of nature. My intention is always to produce pieces that inspire, awaken, and soothe.

My process begins with a walk, a bike ride, a trip of some sort . . . I take lots of reference photos and make sketches and sometimes plein-air studies. I take it all back to my studio and, along with my memory and imagination, I design a composition that is compelling to me. Lately I’ve been working bigger, which is more challenging, but also more exciting. It takes a lot of trial and error, along with faith, to get to the place where I feel like I should stop. The process is completed when a piece finds a good home.

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