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Jill Haas

Mixed Media

I paint with paper: covering swatches with loose brushstrokes and placing them in compositions. These paper shapes are harmoniously interwoven along axis lines. These lines play an important role in my life and art because they represent my priorities and provide a framework for making decisions. In the studio, the axis lines are the foundation of my work.

My compositions of organic and saturated color have their roots in my mother and grandmother’s botanical watercolor paintings. The shapes and patterns I use are influenced by memories and experiences, such as the nautical knots on our family sailboat, Amish clothes drying on the line, or the loom of a family friend.

I draw upon ideas that have resonated with me from childhood to today, and use them as guides while I combine layers of planned and unplanned marks. My work contains fragments of the past, embedded in a new context with the energy, influences, and priorities of my present.

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