Tracy Bouvette

Mixed Media

The world is experienced by each individual in a confluence of perception - of emotional and mental evolution. It is truly a combination of reality and fantasy that brings the world to life within the confines of each mind. What is to say which reality, and which fantasy, is truer? As an artist, as a laborer for human kind, I create pieces that explore the area between reality and fantasy, pushing to find that which is balanced, having mass, and may at the same time be evasive and ephemeral. This exploration is fueled by a long-standing curiosity, and at times disbelief (but not disrespect), of the accepted, the status quo. So, it is the act of questioning, of seeing anew, that allows for the exploration to continue, gaining traction in a sea of stimuli overwhelming even the most adroit. My inspiration comes from the simple, the sublime, the most common place, which can be and is transformed by the process - the artistic exploration of the form, the color, and the mass. For it is even true that the light changes in each minute of the day, transformed by the spinning earth and the expanding universe. So too should our thoughts and understanding of reality... and fantasy. As for my history, I am product of the world. Through my experiences, I have come to understand the importance of memory and holding dear those spirits that are 'the stuff' that constitutes our human existence. As early as 5th grade, when living in Columbine, Colorado I was touched by my art teacher Mr. Weinberg, who taught his students to see the world and feel the space. Later, in Newtown, Connecticut my art teacher Ms. Moore, taught her students to experience the space and create expressions of the feelings that came through those perceptions. I continued my formal art training at university in Houston (Rice University) under wonderful and inspiring guidance and tutoring of Carol Badner and Bas Poulos. Water and the natural environment were my favorites, and in them and through them I found himself. Many years later, when the tragedies struck these two communities, I found that I was able to translate the feeling of loss, the feeling of senselessness on to the canvas - near depictions of reality, but not quite. Just enough difference to be important, to be expressive, to be real - or more real.

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