Kimberly Stemler


My paintings are densely patterned, focused on color, filled with yearning. I am captivated by the earth’s linear quality, the moment of place where sky touches earth and what happens in those remaining spaces that eventually arrive at our feet. I chisel away at the natural world, patching together bits and pieces, composing and rebuilding the landscape. Repeated fragments, dissected skies, slabs of earth. Separating the land with paint, my intent is to look beyond and through. Capturing moments, glimpses of creation, landscapes, the order of atmosphere and the outside world. Its central formations and ecosystems, fields stumbled upon or driven by- caught in a glance; newly trampled ground on previously unchartered territory. Giving the viewer recollection- a sense of having been there. This reminiscence also gravitates towards objects that inhabit a past. I attempt to capture their wistfulness, the nostalgic quality that they hold so dear. A celebration of their existence; a commemoration of remembrance. My work is about the recognition of the subtleties of life and environment. These are the moments and pieces i attempt to capture and recreate: accumulation and repetition, intricacies found in the structure of organic objects, the concept of time and space through light and layers.

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