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Ginny Morton


I have always loved animals and they are a major inspiration for the work that I do. I have been painting pet portraits for many years and continue to do so . I also paint landscapes, still life, and even people! But my heart finds delight in all kinds of creatures, both domestic and wildlife, big, small, or in between. I attempt to depict a moment in time, an emotion, or a special quality that deserves our attention and respect . As a retired science teacher I want to honor and celebrate nature .
I have been drawing and painting since childhood, and I am a self taught painter - still learning! I predominantly work in oils and sometimes acrylic. I have been greatly influenced by the illustration school of Howard Pyle, which is an amazing heritage to learn from. I would describe my art as contemporary realism.
I hope my art is the perfect way to capture nature's beauty, especially in the organisms that live within it, who are a part of it, just as we are.

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