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Margot Taylor


For twelve years I’ve dabbled in clay to build sculptural objects to add interest, surprise and whimsy to private gardens. I hand build with assistance from an extruder, a slab roller, and clay slip molds made or rescued in a home studio located in my garage. To date my body of work includes a large hand-built mosaic mural in my home garden and numerous floral totems made from stoneware or Raku clay. My totem work is a blend of influences from botanical reality to Dr. Seuss. My totems can stand alone or can be transformed into fountains. I find inspiration for form, color and texture from flowers and wildlands, and by studying the principals and patterns of sacred geometry.

I’m a practicing landscape architect in Delaware & Pennsylvania since 1983.
Both my studio and garden will be open for visitors to see during the Chester County Open Studio tour weekend.

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