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Harriet Hill


Vibrant color, bold designs, clean lines: a little crazy, a lot of fun, mostly bright and cheerful, with hints of Africa, where I spent a good part of my adult life.

Most of my artwork is about the universe inside, rather than the world out there.

I get quiet in my studio and listen for the inner voice--anything from a little nudge to a loud shouting. I do what it says, go where it guides. And gradually a painting takes shape—sometimes all at once, sometimes over time.

I’m surprised by the visual expressions of what’s inside me, things I’m not aware of until I see them in a painting. And I’m getting better acquainted with myself, becoming more fully the person I was created to be—life’s great task.

The bold designs bring me pleasure and hope—all without words.

And sometimes I add words. I sit with the artwork and see what feelings come up. And I think of when in my life I experienced that feeling. And I write that story, which is growing into a sundry collection of emotive moments in my life.

I do mostly abstract paintings (with the occasional crazy cow, flower, or portrait) in gouache, oil, oil pastels, cold wax. Always colorful with luscious thick layers of paint.

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