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Al Richards


After graduating with a degree in studio Art I spent the next 40 years in business. Along the way I continued with my art education and developing as an artist by taking numerous classes and workshops locally and in the tri-state area. Having retired in 2014 I now work at my art fulltime.

In the late 80's I began working in soft pastel and it soon became my medium of choice. It works well both in the studio and in plein air providing an immediacy and allowing me to push the bounds of color. We like to refer to pastel as "pigment on a stick".

My painting style is somewhere between impressionism and realism; depending on the subject matter. I enjoy painting landscapes, seascapes and especially dog portraits. When not painting in the studio I participate in plein air events in PA, Delaware and Maryland.

I also host life drawing classes at my studio in Exton. When not painting I serve on the Philadelphia Pastel Society as their exhibition director.

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