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Gregory Blue


I am inspired by the simple beauty I have always found in nature, enhanced by my observation of light and color. Nature inspires awe in each of us, evoking common memories and experiences. It is what draws us to the natural world and reminds us of the importance of preserving and protecting our planet.
I've been working at Stroud Preserve, a Natural Lands property convenient to my home and studio, for the last seven years culminating in an exhibition at West Chester Art Association, and more recently at Studio Incamminati, a prestigious school for contemporary realist painting in Philadelphia. Stroud reminded me of the fields, woods, and farmland where I played as a boy, it is one of many properties owned and managed by Natural Lands.
In gratitude for Natural Lands preserving this historic tract of land and making it available to the public, I pledged a portion of the proceeds of all work inspired by Stroud in support of their important conservation and preservation of open space in our region.
Moving forward, I intend to continue the practice of painting plein air and pursuing the next project: whenever and however it materializes. I've lived much of my life with some generalized plan, always in anticipation of what came next. I've finally come to the place where I can recognize that contentment is not necessarily paralysis, and the possibility of this moment is most interesting.

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