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Law Blank

Mixed Media

Law Blank is a trailblazing contemporary narrative pop artist, known for his captivating mixed-media creations adorned with a liberal dose of glitter and sassiness. With a career marked by vibrant color palettes, contemplative themes, and a keen focus on identity, Law's art transcends boundaries, exploring facets from the personal to the global.

In the realm of contemporary art, Law Blank stands out for his playfully irreverent and satirical approach, injecting a delightful sense of humor into most of his works. However, beneath the surface, Law delves into the profound, seamlessly blending raw emotion, reflections, and storytelling in a harmonious tapestry.

Law's career has spanned over 35 years, and continues to evolve, take risks, and challenge his audience and himself. Rest assured, no unicorns were hurt in the creation of this bio.

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