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Alecia Miller

Mixed Media

Creating mixed media artwork allows me to play with textures in my pieces, and to build up layers of meanings and ideas as part of my creative process. My love of words is expressed through incorporating old book pages in the collage layers, expressly chosen for the stories they are from or the words they contain, giving new life to these forgotten tomes.
I am fascinated with finding commonalities across cultures. This has led to the main themes that dominate my work - the repetition of sacred geometry that runs through all living things, man’s relationship with nature, childhood memories and experiences, and women's role in the world.
I have become a collector of these things. A collector of signs and symbols that merge and flow across cultures; a collector of wonder and peace found in the woods; a collector of the sounds of bees and birds and wind and water; a collector of memories and mythologies that make up the stories of people's lives.

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