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Shanthi Manickam


Being outdoors, feeling the wind, smelling the flowers, passing by the woods, watching the movement of sunlight as it hits all of these sights and capturing it on the canvas is precious to me. My subjects are usually natural landscapes, trees, flowers, and people. My style is representational. Using acrylics and oils as my medium, I strive to bring depth into my paintings. They make people see the wholeness of the subject and appreciate its beauty.
Initially I taught myself to paint, later learnt some techniques from expert artists. I use the photographs taken from my garden and my trips to different places, as reference to create my paintings. I compose the scene on canvas by simple placement of shapes and blocking in the shadows and light. I paint in layers, starting from basic drawing and build the forms and add the details. It takes four to five layers to create the painting and I finally add the highlights.

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