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Bill Dodds


My realism art is inspired by the beauty nature and time creates and the surrounding Amish culture. Through the style of Pointillism, my use of the pen point to create the detail and contrast of dark and light areas will visually excite the viewer.

My art took a dramatic change in the summer of 2018. The black and white ink drawings that I created since 1968 began to show small areas of color accents. Both watercolor and pastel is the medium used to create the visual accents.

My realism art has been sold throughout the U.S., and I have received awards for my drawings. My art was recognized locally when asked to create the postcard cancellation stamp for Paradise Pennsylvania’s 300 Anniversary. And my black and white art was selected to be showcased at a local dinner theatre performance of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” presentation. I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a BS Degree and a MEd in Art Education. I am a member of the Lancaster County Art Association, Historic Yellow Springs, and the York Art Association.
Enjoy my collection of landscapes and local scenes showing Amish life on my website:

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