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Walter Kent


Light changes, colors transform, shadows emerge and fade. Each time I step into nature or study a face I am confronted with fleeting intricacies juxtaposed with the promise of enduring newness. My excursions with paint and brush are a humble attempt to capture moments of this change, to live in the now. Each painting is a time capsule containing a multitude of hidden details, the feeling of the cold sand on my bare feet, the itchy bites of a hoard of mosquitos, the warmth of the rising sun on my face. They hold bits of song, Light Years by the National, Madrugada’s Majesty, Sharon van Etton’s I Always Fall Apart. They contain my struggle to master color, composition, memory and the occasional triumph over my own insecurities. Within the brush strokes are the flailings of my silly dancing, the pang of an overwhelming chest aching desire for life, and the excitement of being overcome by a thunderous rainstorm. These paintings have brought me joy and I hope they do the same for you.

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