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Matthew Dougherty


I am a Professional Artist with a Master of Fine Arts from New York Academy of Art: May 2003. I earned a Certificate from the Barnes Foundation in Aesthetics: May 2000 and I have Post Graduate Credits from University of the Arts and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.
I always knew I wanted to be an Artist since being 12 years old. I told my family I wanted to be a Painter... My Dad (Pasquale Anothony Dougherty), being supportive, took me to the M.A.B. store on 69th Street and I acquired a Painters Cap, Rollers, and Brushes.... Not exactly what I meant...
I started my career in Art at the age of 18, working Freelance for the Franklin Mint in the Plates Department. I took classes at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Delaware County Community College, University of the Arts, and the Brandywine Atelier in 1995-2000; and later studied at the Barnes Foundation under Frederick Church in 1999-2000.
During my time in New York City, I was exposed to various classical and modern painting and drawing techniques. I trained with an elite group of Artist and Instructors at New York Academy Particularly: Deane Keller, Dan Thompson, Steven Assael, Patrick Conners, Sabien Howard, Harvey Citron, Wade Schuman, Ted Schmidt, Martha Erlbacher, and Vincent Desiderio. I also took courses (with Nelson Shanks) at the Art Students League of New York and with Jacob Collin's at Water Street Atelier. I furthered my academic studies at the Metropolitan Museum of Art JP. Watson Drawing Library.

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