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Regina Ewer


My Jewelry created using Sterling Silver, Gold, Copper, Brass and Bronze. I also use many natural stones and gems. When I use a stone, it becomes the focal point, and its color or shape inspires the design that follows.
My work is entirely handcrafted by fabricating, forging, bending, piercing, texturing, and soldering all the elements together. I have learned through books, intensive workshops and my favorite process, experimentation. I love the process of taking a piece from a conceptual drawing then bring it into a three-dimensional form. Trees and vines are a major inspiration of my design.
I know I am complete with a piece when I feel it as it is finished, I am
excited to share it as a wearable piece of art.
While creating, I find many more designs are revealed therefore, the evolution of my work is an ongoing circle of inspiration

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