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Bradley Hendershot


Rural Pennsylvania and coastal Maine – regions that I know well, regions that have special meaning to me.

An old stone mill, an abandoned farmhouse, an empty corncrib, an aging barn – each one a structure yet much more. Time and history have left their imprint. Each one evokes a special place, a special time. They are all a part of a rural community and a way of life that is quickly fading into the past. They are all a part of the Pennsylvania heritage that is rapidly disappearing. I’d like to feel, in a way, that I have preserved them in my paintings.

A stately lighthouse watching over a stormy sea, a weathered lobster shanty on a tiny island, the pounding surf on a rugged shoreline – places that evoke special emotions. I’ve always loved the sea – the salt air, the sea spray, the energy of the surf, the legends of the coastal lights, the romance of it all. I hope these feelings come across in my paintings of two places that are very special to me – mid-coast Maine, and the remote Monhegan Island.

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