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Kelsey Showalter

Mixed Media

My current work focuses on ways to combine the dark gritty texture of charcoal and the vibrant color that can be obtained with other water based media. It’s a process I find both intriguing and challenging. The end result is expressive looking and often features rainy looking drips and splatters layered with ethereal sections of transparent color and stark charcoal mark making.
I recently heard someone draw a comparison between charcoal and ashes and how it points to the beauty that can be found in the transience and fragility of life. I really love that. In my work, you will see areas of cheerful or drippy color overlapping with sections of gritty charcoal and it reminds me that it takes both the lovely and difficult parts of life to make something meaningful in the end.
It’s fascinating and slightly mysterious to me that one piece of artwork can be viewed by multiple people and each person can find a different meaning or message in it. And the meanings we each take away can be so impactful! The viewer puts the finishing touches on each piece of art by deriving their own meaning or message from what they’re seeing. To me, that’s part of the magic of art. I love that the creation doesn’t stop with me. Each person who appreciates what I’ve put my hands to gets to finish the creation process in the viewing of it. Thank you for having a look and supporting what I do!

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