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This is a great opportunity to share you talents with others. Find new buyers and educate them on your process.

Before you start filling out the form below, please make sure that you login first.
People will want to meet you, so we need your photo and a picture of your demonstration or process: <THIS is the hook that will attract people to your demo.

Demonstrations may begin at 11:00 and end at 4:00. You must register your demonstration for each day if you'd like to do two demonstrations.

Let's get started with some simple questions so your guest know who you are.

What is your First and Last Name?

What is the title of your demonstration?

Where are you doing your demo?

Please list your Host Studio's address (Street, Town, State, Zip Code)

What is your studio number?

This is located on the studio page >

What day is your demo?

What time is your demo? Demos should be an hour long and start after 11:00 am

Write a sentence or two describing your demonstration. This will be seen on the first page and may be added in the catalogue.

Write a more detailed description of your demonstration.

Tell us about yourself. What makes you a great creator.

let's show them what you look like.

Upload Profile Picture

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County Studio Tour Demo instructor photo example

Do you have a picture of you working or doing a previous demo?
It's ok if you don't, just leave this blank.

Upload Demo Picture

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We are excited to share your demo.

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