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Do I need a ticket?
No tickets are needed for the tour. All you need is an appreciation for art and a spirit of adventure! The event is free. 


How much does it cost?
The event is free. It only involves your journey through a unique and exciting venue!


Where does the tour start?
The tour begins just outside your driveway. Basically you begin with the studio that is closest to you, visit the artists, then pick a winding country road to meander along until you reach the next studio. Repeat as necessary!


What if it rains?
If it rains, bring umbrellas and high spirits! The tour is on come rain or shine!


Can I pay for art using a credit card?
Yes, all studios will have the capability to accept credit cards as payment.


How much does the average piece of art cost?
There is no average per se. You can purchase anything from art t-shirts for $25 to large, lush paintings for $25,000. The choice is yours!


We are from out of town and want to make a weekend of it? 
There are a lot of studios and artists visit and choose from. Consider staying at one of our wonderful local B&Bs/Inns so you can visit more of our studios and artists. Click here for more information about staying at a B&B in Chester County (20 - 60 mins from Delaware County Studios).

Are the studios handicap accessible?
A studio will be marked with the handicap logo if it meets the following requirements: the studio is wheelchair accessible, the studio is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair; parking is available for a van, service dogs welcome.


What else is there to do in Chester County when I visit again? (Chester County Tour)

We appreciate all the time you spend driving throughout Chester County visiting studios but that is only one week a year. There is so much more to experience year-round! Please visit Brandywine Valley to plan your next Chester County weekend.

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