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Woman with artichoke.jpg
Woman with artichoke.jpg
Woman with artichoke.jpg

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Kathryn Ashleigh


(719) 396-9330


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I was born 60% blind. Christmas time 1961 my mom said “look at that beautiful tree!” I said “What tree?” and was quickly diagnosed, and subsequently given tiny little thick glasses. Suddenly I saw the light and now see the world as one giant, sometimes fuzzy composition but happily can paint 2 inches from my work without corrective lens. More recently I've begun to paint much larger canvases and this is a true challenge!

I mentally compose almost every moment as a painting. My senses of smell and hearing developed to a super level because of my lack of sight. Sometimes this gift is overwhelming but I cannot control it, and I usually don't want to do so! The minutiae of our planet is full of beauty if you just STOP and look.

My creativity is sparked by golden lowlights of dawn and dusk and my interests are highly diverse. Frequently drawn to the form of a beautiful woman and the beauty of Mother Nature. Much of my latest work is more personally symbolic and a reflection of the puritanical changes in society as a whole.

Recent events include; featured on the Philadelphia Society of Watercolor website in October 2023, the Chester County Member Gallery, Art Plus and Google Works twice. Also IX (second string), Rosemont College 101 Artists and an exhibition at One Plus Gallery, NYC in addition to NAWA in Manhattan. Thrilled to be one of 5 featured Artists in Inspiration Arts Magazine October 23. You can see my work in person this fall at the Chester County Art Walk in Goshen, Chester County in fall 2024. See ya soon! all

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