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Woman with artichoke.jpg
Woman with artichoke.jpg
Woman with artichoke.jpg

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Karen Bright


(732) 996-8919


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My paintings and sculptures evoke narrative focused on nature and our shared habitat. Using a variety of encaustic and mixed media techniques, abstract form is balanced between what is measured and unexpected—in a dance of color and light, shape and mystery.

As I work, I love to respond to what is happening right in front of me, whether it is a reaction to an unplanned crack, or a proactive response to a color shift. My approach is to tread lightly on a subject until a path or 'way in' is found. When I commit to the work, there is no wasted time—as effort meets effect. In process, I constantly look for ways to connect what I see before me with what I am thinking about.

The actions I take are well-established in their singular state, but when used in combination they tend to carry themselves into fresh, more meaningful states. This carving of a well-established curve; that angle of surprise—defying gravity; all intended to build both conflict and beauty finishing with color, texture, and distress. These are the tools I use to communicate and the values that compel me to move forward, take chances, and make decisions. In the end, I always try to stop short with some intention left unmet, leaving room for the viewer to interpret and respond.

The amorphous works that always seem to evolve out of the materials I use come with their own agenda. My job is to bring focus and attention to their meaning.

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