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Woman with artichoke.jpg
Woman with artichoke.jpg
Woman with artichoke.jpg

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Michael Green

Mixed Media

(484) 459-0128


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Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Light is the first thought of painters.” I’ve been on a lifelong exploration of this grand idea. Art has the power to illuminate hidden truths and inspire both the artist and the viewer to go deeper and higher.

I move between several styles. The "New Book of Kells" series on canvas is a 21st-century take on the extraordinary medieval illuminated manuscripts. With a nod to the artisan monks on the remote Isle of Iona, I apply gold leaf, natural pigments and Swarovski crystals to make the art glow like the treasure bindings protecting the original vellum pages

I’m drawn to the interplay between text and image, in the way beautiful lyrics can bring a song to life. The Sanctuary of the Heart series is inspired by the poetry of the great luminary poets of the world like Rumi and Hafiz. I’m very pleased to have my artist wife Sally’s collaboration on some of the recent pieces. Her love of flowers and nature adds a new flow and spirit to the work.

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