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Cindy Losco

Mixed Media

(610) 637-4117


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“The art in my soul has always been a driving force behind everything that I do. To me, art is like a dear friend helping and guiding me through the challenges in life.” Although I did 3-dimensional art since childhood, including metal smithing, jewelry, glass working, felt work and interior design, I have only been painting since 2020. I prefer to work with mixed media, sometimes incorporating materials, such as paper, making some of the pieces partially a collage. My work is abstract and done intuitively, often seeming to grow on its own as the painting progresses. I work through layering until I reach a pleasing composition and color story.

My work has appeared in a number of art shows and galleries. One of my pieces recently won “honorable mention” at the Chester County Art Association and I was invited to participate in the Gifted Show at the Art Trust at Meridian Bank. One of my pieces is curated in perpetuity at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

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