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Acrylic Pouring







195 Rosewood Dr. West Chester, PA 19382

Acrylic Pouring


Rachel Coleman

Hi! I'm Rachel Coleman of Shy Fox Studio. After experiencing a trauma and seeking professional help, it was suggested to me that I practice using the right side of my brain. So I bought some holiday decorations to paint at my local hobby shop and when I did, I lost all sense of time, stress, trauma, and anxiety. I was hooked. After trying a few different mediums, I kept coming back to fluid art. I was attracted to the vibrant colors and the organic shapes that were made by manipulating these paints. I have been a fluid artist for two years now and I am still learning everyday. That is because there are so many possibilities with this medium. I am so grateful for coming out of the dark and truly finding my passion. One of the best parts of being an artist is the people I meet and getting to share this medium with others. I was asked once "Aren't you afraid that you will teach one of these people what you do and they will be your competition one day?" Not at all! If I can help someone find their passion or just find a reprieve from the day to day stresses, then I am satisfied! I am happy to share what I have learned with others!

About the Demonstration

In this demonstration, I will show four different techniques of Acrylic pouring that I use most frequently and what tools I use with each technique. I will talk about layering colors, choosing a color palette, brands of paint, and how I am able to achieve the looks you see. This demonstration is an open discussion and visual guide to this abstract form of art.

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