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Encaustic Pouring







209 Bridge Street Phoenixville PA 19460, 4th Floor: The Upstairs Studio Artists

Encaustic Pouring


Juliana Laury

I am Juliana Laury, an alum of Tyler School of Art, retired wedding photographer, and mother of three boys. When COVID forced me to work from home I adapted a new art practice by pouring encaustic wax into hoops and designing ephemeral compositions centered around the complexity of the floral world. It gave me solace during a tumultuous time, and I continue doing it as a way of tuning out the world and allowing myself the luxury of creative play.

About the Demonstration

During quarantine of 2020, while working at her kitchen table with two young children in tow, Juliana Laury created a completely new use for a material called encaustic. Encaustic is a solid material made of half beeswax and half resin, which is melted and traditionally used as a painting and collaging medium. However, after her daily walks with her children, Juliana decided to place her foraged flowers inside embroidery hoops and vintage frames she had collected, and POUR the melted material on top as an experiment. The result is her one-of-a-kind creations that play with various naturally foraged elements, layered within various drying times, and embellished with gold and silver foils and powders. Since 2020, Juliana has been creating these "floral daydreams" as a form of creative play, without pre-planning her layouts, and she is excited to demonstrate her process with you at 12 Noon on Saturday May 18 at her studio on the 4th floor of The Upstairs Studio Artists Building along Bridge Street in Phoenixville.

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