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How to See Like an Artist







118 Rossiter Avenue Phoenixville, PA 19460-2512

How to See Like an Artist


Michael Ressler

A moment of light and color can unveil the beauty of our common, overlooked outdoor surroundings. These scenes challenge and inspire me to create impressionistic paintings where I strive to create a visual escape, capturing the subtleties of colors on an overcast day or the dramatic sunlight on a peaceful vista. Through my paintings, I provide my collectors with a renewed memory of enjoying our great outdoors.

About the Demonstration

Artists have learned to look at their surroundings differently, describing what they see as the Elements of Art (ingredients) and the Principles of Art (assembly instructions). This demo will show a variety of tools and techniques that you can easily learn so that you too can start to "See Like An Artist". The audience can then participate in 2 fun "Seeing" exercises, first using their smartphone, then with pencil and paper. An instructional handout will be supplied.

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