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Needle felting







405 West Ashbridge Street West Chester PA 19380

Needle felting


Nancy Fuhrman

I love to explore different media which can be noted if you visit my home. From oil painting to encaustic painting, etchings, mosaics and most recently working with fibers/textile art I can transfer what I have learned from one media to another. Felting allows me to combine my love of drawing and painting as I “paint with wool.” My subject matter can be landscapes, florals, animals….nature and living things. Images are selected that give a sense of calm and serenity....a tall, stoic tree that has existed a hundred years or more, animals grazing in an open field, a sleeping kitten, a landscape that captures wonder. I want others to feel a sense of peacefulness........... lightness.....a sense that all can be right with the world.”

About the Demonstration

After a brief discussion of types of wool and materials needed to begin a needle felting project, laying out wool and combining colors of wool as though “painting with wool” will be demonstrated. The importance of using proper needle techniques will be discussed. Composition will be addressed, finishing pieces for a professional look and use of simple techniques to show perspective will also be shared. Also included, how to correct mistakes will be shown!!!

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