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Nerikomi Colored Clay Patterns







36 Cambridge Court, Downingtown, PA 19335

Nerikomi Colored Clay Patterns


Susan O’Hanlon

Susan O’Hanlon is a full-time studio potter and ceramic arts instructor, as well as an avid RVer. She infuses her reverence for nature into her functional pottery, decorative ceramic art, and ceramic beads and jewelry, drawing inspiration from the myriad of Mother Nature’s perfect color palettes discovered while traveling. Susan is passionate about sharing clay and her experiences in nature through her work. Follow Susan’s RV Adventures on her blog and on social #Potteronwheels!

About the Demonstration

Colored porcelain is so much fun to work with! Using the ancient art of Nerikomi, Susan will transform a single blend of colored porcelain into stripe, check, jelly roll and herringbone patterns, and then demonstrate how she uses those patterns to create her functional ceramic work. Collectors will appreciate the unique approach she takes to incorporating the beauty of nature in her work, as well as the meticulous attention to detail that each of her unique designs demands. Makers will gain valuable insights into this complex process as Susan breaks it all down, answers questions and provides insight into how other ceramic artists might use Nerikomi techniques in their own creative work. Let’s explore the endless possibilities of colored porcelain together!

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