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Pysanky Demonstration







The Jeweled Warrior, 110 Pottstown Pike, Chester Springs, PA 19425

Pysanky Demonstration


Jennifer Domal

Jennifer Domal is an award-winning contemporary folk artist and educator. She was first introduced to the art of writing pysanky at the age of three, learning to use beeswax to create intricate designs on eggshells. She has taught at the Chester County Art Association, the Center for the Creative Arts, and holds workshops for various organizations. Jennifer’s Lithuanian-Polish heritage is a large part of her craft. While she faces an unusual challenge for a pysanky artist—she is highly allergic to eggs and must take great precaution when blowing and preparing fresh eggs—her dedication to the art form led her to find ways to overcome obstacles. . Learning the traditi66onal folk art, designs, and customs around the family’s kitchen table has evolved into her exquisitely detailed batik egg art and folk pysanky.Jennifer currently lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania, where she sources most of her components locally. She teaches drawing, sculpture, and pysanky writing, and delights in combining science with art. She is inspired by her menagerie of dogs, cats, a pond full of fish, and her husband, not necessarily in that order

About the Demonstration

You may be familiar with "Ukrainian Easter Eggs". Join Jennifer Domal for a live demonstration as she works on real blown eggshells with flame, beeswax and dyes to create layers of intricate color and design. Watch as she uses simple tools to create traditional talismans and modern art pieces. Learn about the batik process, her favorite legends and shop.

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