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Sharing Our Heart Bonding Moments Via A Community Quilt







118 Rossiter Avenue, Phoenixville, PA 19460-2512

Sharing Our Heart Bonding Moments Via A Community Quilt


Dolores Bartholomew

Artist and Educator, Dolores Bartholomew, originally from Buffalo, NY has shown her work locally and in the United Kingdom. Dolores’s award winning “Meanings of the Heart” art has been added to several private collections across the United States and Europe. This stylized watercolor and ink form was conceived based on studies of visual perception and it’s impact on the brain’s functions of memory and learning and how it generates positive feelings with one another. Additionally, Dolores has been experimenting with water-based oils and sculpture as other mediums for pursuing studies pertinent to brain research on “plant blindness” and the social and ecological implications with regards to climate change. Working in collaboration with colleagues at University of Pennsylvania and students from PAFA and Jefferson, where she teaches SciArt, Biology, Botany and Genetics, she has proceeded to curate and produce work for shows focused on this issue.

About the Demonstration

While photos in one’s phone are a way to remember treasured moments, it is difficult to share them with others. But if turned into a work of art, then we can easily share. The Heart Art Community Quilt is an opportunity to memorialize/share your heart-bonding moments and activities with others and provide new ideas on how we can connect even more. The quilt was born out of a workshop that I led on Hawaiian quilt making traditions and the connection to family that they represent. As such you will learn about the Hawaiian tradition and how I create my stylized art work. From there you will then create your own work of art displaying a time you treasure as a heart-bonding moment with friends or family. You will be provided with either 3” x 5” or 4” x 6” paper and various drawing media (e.g. colored pencils, markers, etc.). Upon completing your piece, you may share your work by adding it to a quilt square and tying the square to the Heart Art Community Quilt on display. Each square adds momentum to my goal of helping us all to build stronger loving relationships. This is a perfect activity for families, grandparents, couples, and friends to express the times that have especially touched our hearts and remain in our memories.

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