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Throwing on the Pottery Wheel







1685 Art School Road, Chester Springs PA 19425

Throwing on the Pottery Wheel


Matthew Wren

Matthew has been immersed in clay since 2010, working in many different studios before finally settling in at Historic Yellow Springs as Studio Supervisor in 2015. Outside of managing a busy community ceramics studio and wood burning kiln, Matt is also a talented maker. His ceramic art is covered with imagery of fish and faces that evoke questions about nature, identity, and community. The gestural markings or incised lines are inlayed with layers of glaze to create another element of movement as the glaze melts and slides down the side of the pot.

About the Demonstration

The process begins with preparing the clay, wedging 2 pieces of clay about 5 pounds each. A hollow cylinder will be thrown, cut off the wheel, and set aside. The base of the pot will then be thrown and the cylinder that was set aside is added to the top. A blow torch will be employed to expedite the drying of the clay in the base of the pot which allows it to carry the weight of the large vessel. After the pieces are joined or thrown together, Matthew will shape the clay until it is time to add the drawings. After the drawaings are added the top section is given its final shape and the piece is complete.

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