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Working with Sterling Silver







21 Chrisman Drive Elverson, PA 19520

Working with Sterling Silver


Linda Lurcott

Since childhood I have always enjoyed a variety of art forms. In high school I painted and created craft. As a young parent, I directed my creativity to holiday gifts and home decor. Later, I took a local jewelry class and continually expanded my jewelry making skills at art centers, workshops and many hours of practice. I also learned that my great-grandparents owned and operated a jewelry store in NYC. You could say jewelry making is in my DNA. I love being a maker and knowing my ancestral origin. I naturally acquired a love of metal and the creativity to explore the many facets of jewelry making, as well as few artifacts and tools of the trade from my family.

About the Demonstration

I will first discuss the properties and internal structure of metal. Then I will show and discuss a variety of hand tools that I use to create jewelry. Next, I will demonstrate a few techniques for simple designs. Finally, I will show when and where the creator may tweak designs in order to create a unique look, offering a variety of styles using the same technique. and show when and where

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