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Jill Pearson

Mixed Media

(215) 859-0173


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As a former illustrator and designer, my early work focused on creating digital collages in Photoshop. I came to learn that I preferred to “play” on the computer rather than follow the sketch I created for the art director. This digital exploration, coupled with my education in traditional media, served as a foundation for my work as an abstract mixed media artist.

My work begins intuitively as I build and remove layers using acrylic paint, cut and torn paper, and drawing media. I then use my design skills to respond to what is before me and refine the composition. Most of my colorful, textured art is inspired by nature and the juxtaposition of man made artifacts against the landscape. I aim to evoke a sense of movement in my work to represent time and space, and invite the viewer to reflect on their own memories of the landscape.

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