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Katelyn Adams


(215) 962-5518

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I am a 25 year old self portrait photographer embarking on my business journey for fine art, nude and boudoir. Since I first started photography at the age of 16, I developed a passion for nude art as I saw it as an outlet to express my appreciation for the beauty of the human body and portray that a woman's nude body is not always intended to be seen in a sexualized manner. My art is subjective, not objective, and I strive to bring a sense of vulnerability but also empowerment to the viewer and to provide my clients with that same feeling, knowing they, themselves, are a work of art.

When it comes to my work, I pride myself on not only being a self portraitist (Using a tiny remote to make the shutter click can only make it so much easier.) but for the use of my creativity to create these concepts, costumes and set designs. I would say my "boudoir" is on the unconventional side, as my inspiration stems from different centuries, decades to completely made up worlds. Nevertheless, nothing brings me more joy than bringing these creations to the modern day and using myself and my DSLR to breathe new air into them. And even though my creativity does not cease when faced with clothing, I will not miss an opportunity to incorporate nudity or boudoir when ever possible and continue to show that all bodies are art and should be admired as such.

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