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John Wilson


(610) 764-6154


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John Wilson is the founder of Phoenix Fire Clay Studio in the heart of Phoenixville and has over 20 years in the world of ceramics. He was born and raised in Fredonia, Kansas and earned a BFA in Ceramics from Emporia State University. Until 2008, he taught high school Art & Design, Ceramics, and Computer Graphics. He then made the decision to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a full-time studio potter.
John has always been passionate about teaching, and making the transition to a full-time creative and studio potter still allows him to teach and share his wealth of expertise in the field to all ages and skill levels.
John likes to throw white stoneware making decorative functional pottery, fired at cone 6 electric oxidation. He often draws his inspiration from Greek antiquity, nature, and his Mexican heritage.

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