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Kimberly Hoechst


(484) 888-1012


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For me, painting is an opportunity to transform fleeting visual experiences, perceptions and memories into something elevated, tangible and more permanent. I seek to express my sensory response to my surroundings and convey my point of view by organizing color relationships, form, light and shadow into an atmospheric and believable visual experience for the viewer. I find much of my inspiration in my immediate surroundings, striving to capture the essence of interior spaces, share my delight in windows and the views outside them, and reveal the moment when everyday objects combine to create an engaging still life.

I have been an artist for over eighteen years. I built the foundation for my drawing and painting skills through extensive study at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. More recently, I have been engaged in ongoing individual study with Peter Van Dyck, a Philadelphia-based artist and teacher who was educated at The Florence Academy of Art in Italy. My studies with Peter have strongly influenced my work and have guided me in my quest to keep evolving as a painter.

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