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Jessi Stead


(610) 701-1275


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Playthings Studio is a line of minimalist jewelry that was inspired by fidget toys. What sets my work apart is my use of unconventional and minimal techniques. The ethos around the brand is simplicity in design and function. I let the parts decide whether they will fit together or not and designs emerge as I play. Sometimes I use a hand sander or chemical process to oxidize and varnish raw brass parts, sometimes I add holes to parts that are big enough to press a household rivet inside of and create an axis for that part to spin around, other times I will use metal wire to thread stubborn box chains through sliding silicone adjusters. I love to mix mediums, paying special attention to how the color or shine changes proportion and how the weight of the piece has an impact on my mood. The most fascinating part of the creative process for me is when new silhouettes start to emerge out of the simplest geometric elements.

Playthings Studio jewelry is an alternative to fidget toys that can be used as a tactile go-to in stressful or awkward situations. Fidget jewelry isn't on a lot of people's minds so when jewelry lovers flock to my designs and discover that they also move, I feel like I've done my job as an artist in creating a stigma-free and empowering resource that has the potential to change how people think about play.

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