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Woman with artichoke.jpg
Woman with artichoke.jpg
Woman with artichoke.jpg

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Robby Schlesinger


(941) 201-7516


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Much of my botanical work is hyper-realistic watercolors of natural subjects. I start with an accurate depiction of a plant or flower, add detail to the composition, and vibrant, beautiful color to create fresh perspectives. I am a certified botanical illustrator and teacher. But I also do floral works and landscapes.

Before I became a watercolor painter, I worked in theatre/costume design. Later, after working in business management and raising three children, I returned to school at the prestigious Ringling College of Art and Design, earning certifications in botanical and fine arts.

Robby lives with her family and pets in an antique house outside of Philadelphia. Her unruly garden serves as inspiration more often than it gets weeded.

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