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Monique Perry


(215) 962-0295


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I am a native Pennsylvania artist who has been passionate about creating art jewelry for 30 years. My work combines techniques from three disciplines which include enameling, precious metal clay, and traditional metalsmithing.
My Cloisonné enamels are created by bending fine gold or fine silver wires into shapes, then fusing them to a prepared base of either fine silver, copper, or gold. That becomes my canvas upon which I then carefully apply and fuse multiple layers of vitreous enamel. Each layer is carefully applied and fused in a kiln at 1450 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the enamel focal is complete, I then design and fabricate the settings for them in either fine or sterling silver.
I incorporate enamel with post-fired fine silver metal clay in the Champlevé enamel pieces I create. With Champlevé, I design and create the settings first out of textured fine silver, then fill in the negative recesses in the design with multiple layers of enamel.
I also design and create pieces using colorful natural semi-precious gemstones.
For inspiration, I often draw from my early career and life experiences, my Mexican heritage, my travels in the US and abroad, and my natural surroundings. I enjoy creating jewelry that is Artful in composition, that can be worn and enjoyed everyday for generations to come.
I hold two certifications in precious metal clay, and attained Master Artisan status from the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and the Bucks County Guild of Craftsmen.

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