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Bob & Liz

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Read our brief interview with Liz & Bob

Describe your collection style?
Our collection is largely contemporary art by regional artists, interspersed with a blend of family originals and Bob's mineral collection.


The first piece you bought?
We bought two 6" x 6"pieces at an early exhibit at The Art Trust (Dane Tilghman and Jeff Schaller) This started a great tradition of gifting art to our four "boys", starting with graduation from college and then at every 5 year milestone. For each of their 30th birthdays, we commissioned the gift. 


Your favorite piece?
Who can choose? Each day it might be different.


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The piece that got away?  No regrets. If it got away it wasn't meant to be.


Do you both have to agree on a piece?  We usually involve each other in the decision - especially with higher priced pieces.


Do you have a yearly art budget? 

Do you have an idea of where it will go when deciding to purchase art? Never! We have found that for each piece new piece added to our collection, hanging will involve moving 3 -5 other pieces. Part of the fun is imagining it in different spots, beside different work. And how that changes each piece.

Are you out of room yet? 
Of course not.

What artist do you currently have your eye on?
We can't reveal that! Collecting art can be competitive😉


The piece you desire to have but can't because it's in a museum? 
Cy Twombly's large works captivate me.

$75 (per person)
Tour 3 Collectors Homes while Sipping on Curated Libations and Noshing on Edible Delights

MAY 6th 6:00 - 10:00 PM 


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