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Join me in creating a Mandala







1575 Bright Glade Circle, Downingtown, PA 19335

Join me in creating a Mandala


Vidya Shyamsundar

Making a mandala is an intuitive process. I find painting a mandala sacred and spiritual. I grew up watching my mom making a mandala every morning before sunrise by pinching rice flour using her fingertips with grace and spontaneity. A mandala is either swept up, blown away by the breeze, nibbled on by insects, or washed away in the rain. Hence, the ritual of mandala-making played a massive role during my upbringing allowing me to understand the significance of family rituals, the power of prayer and spirituality, and the value of community connections. Sharing a piece of my cultural heritage through my mandalas brings me a sense of belonging, a pathway to reunite with my childhood. I enjoy painting mandalas. It helps me find my momentary peace. I teach a three-hour retreat-style mandala art class for people to experience inner calm and peacefulness. Ask me to find out more!

About the Demonstration

In India, a mandala graces the floors and the entrance of homes during festivities, spiritual events, and celebrations such as weddings, birth announcements, festivals, etc. It is a sign of harmony, togetherness, and good luck. The ephemerality of a mandala symbolizes our desire for a moment of fullness before fading. It signifies the ebb and flow of happiness and suffering in our lives. The symmetry and repetition of patterns on a mandala represent the universe and our connections to one another. Before we begin our group activity, I will have a mandala design outlined on a canvas. You will choose a motif and fill it with a color/colors and tools provided for you. Of course, I will demo and share a personal story before we begin this fun activity together. I hope you will join me to make our demo more eventful!

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